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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Using Yoga to Relax...

By Brenda Williams

One thing which is gaining increasing popularity is yoga. Especially in this time of economic uncertainty where people are losing their jobs left and right, yoga and meditation are things that are becoming more common. Not only is yoga relaxing, but it helps to relieve stress that people feel and accumulate throughout the day. If you have never tried yoga, make sure that you do your research. The reasons that people choose to do yoga vary from person to person, and there are different levels of yoga classes out there.

One reason that people choose to do yoga is because it helps to increase flexibility and joint movement, which is something that is important to the health of an individual- especially those who are aging. Flexibility is important, especially if you are an athlete or someone who exercises often, because being more flexible reduces the chances of you pulling a muscle or becoming injured otherwise. Still, other people join yoga because of the relaxing and meditative benefits it provides. If you have never attended a yoga class before, make sure you speak to a qualified representative who can place you in the right class, as there are varying levels of yoga classes available. Yoga classes are typically not that large. When you walk into a class, typically, there is an instructor who stands at the front of the room but who later moves throughout the room, helping individuals with their poses. Additionally, the lighting is softer and there is soothing music playing. The point of all this is to create an atmosphere in which you can relax.

There usually isn't any talking in a yoga class except the talking that you hear when you are listening to the instructions coming from the yoga instructor. The yoga instructor will guide you through a series of poses which are designed to test not only your flexibility but your range of motion as well as your concentration. Being able to concentrate and focus clearly on a task at hand is something to behold in this day and age. With so many distractions around us, it is sometimes difficult to think clearly. Yoga helps us to unwind and re-channel our energies into positive, healthy ways of thinking.

For the athlete who is looking to increase flexibility, yoga provides that and much more. There are many who believe that by being more flexible, you can lengthen your muscles so as to give a more appealing physical image to yourself. Whatever the reason, yoga is a healthy and fun exercise that is best enjoyed on an individual basis. You can also sign up for classes with a friend and reap the benefits doubly. If you enjoy yoga, you may also enjoy pilates. Pilates tends to focus more on core body strength with a lot of abdominal exercises. It is also another type of activity that you can enjoy by yourself or with other people. However, if you're looking for a relaxing atmosphere, don't look for it with pilates. In a pilates class, you can expect to sweat and push yourself harder than you ever thought that you would. But don't be too intimidated, it's still a lot of fun!

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