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Friday, November 27, 2009

Give up smoking with Sahaja Yoga...

By Leonid Sinichkin

There are so many publications and web sites addressing the "how to give up smoking" subject that one may ask, what is the need to write something else?

There are two reasons why I decided to write this article.

Firstly, despite all what has been written, many of us don't really know what effects smoking has on our health.

Secondly, methods used to stop smoking are in many cases expensive and mostly not very effective.

Here we will suggest another method which is easy, completely natural, costs nothing and which really helps one to stop smoking. But first, for those who still don't want to stop smoking, let us give a few scaring facts. I, of course, don't want to frighten anybody, this is just another attempt to raise more awareness about this subject.

Many of us heard this example in college that a drop of nicotine can kill a horse. And many also heard a typical answer that "in that case the horse should not smoke". That is, this argument does not sound very convincing.

What else should we know then about the effect of nicotine?

Most know that nicotine causes cancer, especially lung cancer. But nicotine also changes the chemical functions in the brain. That is why it creates addiction like all other drugs. Researches done in the US have shown that teen smokers are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Nearly half a million Americans die from smoking every year. One of every six deaths in the United States is a result of smoking tobacco, making tobacco more lethal than all other addictive drugs combined.

But, apart from nicotine, there are many more harmful substances in cigarettes. Most of us don't know that, when smoking, we inhale thousands of chemicals with the cigarette smoke:

In 1936 there were 120 additives used in cigarettes,
in 1959 their number increased to 450,
in 1968 there were 950 kinds of additives,
in 1982, 3875,
and today their number exceeds 4000!

So, what people smoke now is not just tobacco, it is a complex mixture of various chemical components. They are added for various purposes. Some give flavors to the cigarettes, some work as preservatives, but many additives are used in fact to increase one's addiction so that it becomes much more difficult to stop smoking than it used to be, say, 50 years ago. Even those additives that do not cause addiction are mostly harmful in one way or another.

Light cigarettes, That is another myth pushed forward by tobacco manufacturers. When they first came on the market in 1970, it was believed that light cigarettes are less harmful. However, research results show that smoking light cigarettes is associated with the same risk of illness and death as in the case of normal cigarettes.

So, smoking has a very diverse negative effect on the human health, and there is no way out like light cigarettes or anything.

But how to stop smoking?

Most common methods used are: nicotine replacement treatments, acupuncture, injections, medication. However none of these methods gives statistically proven strong effect. Besides, some of them are rather costly and some produce side effects. Thus we suggest you try Sahaja Yoga which will help you to give up smoking in an easy and natural way.

Sahaja Yoga is a method of awakening the Kundalini energy discovered in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi from India.

According to the Indian tradition, Kundalini is a spiritual power that lies dormant in the Sacrum bone and has to be awakened by yoga practices. Once awakened, it rises through the central energy channel in the spine and opens and enlightens the seven energy centers called chakras.

When Kundalini opens the seventh chakra located in the limbic area, yoga (i.e. the inner and outer integration of our being) is said to take place.

To achieve Kundalini awakening is the ultimate goal of every yoga system, however only due to Shri Mataji's discovery this process became effortless and can now be achieved by all.

What Kundalini does is to balance the energy system, which consists of seven energy centers (chakras) and three energy channels (called nadis). When balance is established in the body, it naturally tries to preserve it and thus does not want to accept anything that is harmful.

Thus all bad habits, like drinking, smoking, drug addiction drop out automatically without the need to do anything special about that. This sounds like a very strong statement but it is so.

Sociological study done on 320 Sahaja Yoga practitioners showed that just after the first year of practice about 75% stop drinking, smoking and using drugs. After 5 years of practicing Sahaja Yoga less than 10% of practitioners still have some of those bad habits.

One of the reasons why Sahaja Yoga is so effective against smoking is that the Kundalini energy works in the 7th chakra, that is in the limbic area. It is the limbic area that is affected by nicotine and other drugs thus giving one a sense of pleasure. But meditation on the 7th chakra gives one even stronger pleasure and at the same time does not cause any harm. As a result, one just does not feel any desire to continue smoking or taking drugs.

So, we invite you to try Sahaja Yoga and see for yourself how it will help you not only to get rid of bad habits, like drinking or smoking, but in many different ways.

About the Author:

Leonid Sinichkin studied yoga in India and has been giving yoga classes since over 15 years. He himself has experienced a lot of benefits of Sahaja Yoga practice. To find free Sahaja Yoga classes close to you, visit http://www.sahajayoga.org . Turkish readers can try online meditations at http://www.sahajayogaportal.org/UstMenu2/SigaraAlkol/Sigara.aspx

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