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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Lose Weight Doing Yoga...

by Deni Lou

Everybody knows that Yoga is great for encouraging our bodies to stay supple and to help keep us fit and healthy. But there are also several features of yoga that actually help you to lose weight.

Here are a few tips on the ways that yoga can help you to lose the weight and keep it off:

Mindful Thinking - Of course, crucial to any change is the need to transform your way of thinking. Yoga will contribute to this when done on a regular daily basis. It will transform your way of moving; you will find yourself holding your body straighter, and feel less tired when you workout. For many the outcome is that they find that they would like to get up and walk that extra mile! Suddenly it is so much easier to do that walk on a daily basis because your body flows and soon so do the pounds, right off of you!

Mindful Eating - Mindful eating is when you are aware, in a non-judgmental way, of what you are eating. Apparently yoga practitioners are more mindful of what they eat and this results in less weight gain and less difficult weight loss. Since yoga teaches a person to be serene and observant, these traits are advantageous when applied to weight loss routines. In fact - in an interview with Drew Barrymore, she gave credit to yoga for her recent weight loss in planning for a film role.

Mindful Body Care - Another feature of yoga that is helpful in regaining power over your weight is the fact that many of the more restful poses (asanas) are helpful because they stimulate the thyroid gland. You probably don't think about your thyroid much, but this little gland in your throat is crucial for many important things in your body - in particular with anything having to do with your weight. This is particularly important to women as one out of every five women have a problem thyroid.

More Ideas - So doing a simple twenty minute program every day is a giant first step in keeping your weight manageable and your overall body in tune. If you would like to see more tips on how to let yoga help with your weight loss/control program, check out Your Yoga Accessories. I have a selection of great videos and routines on Yoga Gear that will take you step-by-step through any number of everyday routines to start you on your way to your own personal weight loss program.

About the Author:

Deni Lou is a twenty year veteran of yoga with a passion for fitness. Her website Your Yoga Accessories was created to be a portal for fellow yoga practitioners.