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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

History of Yoga...

Yoga is a great exercising system that help you to breath, stretch and also meditate. Yoga is healthy and relaxing and everyone knows this. Studies have shown that it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and will help to suppress other body functions so that you can achieve a state total relaxation. People of all ages can get involved as there is yoga for seniors and yoga for pregnant women.

The meaning of yoga is to yoke or to unitu. Lots of people aren't in the health they should be but don't know what sort of exercise to try, yoga is ideal then. It is said that yoga helps to strengthen and cleanse the body at the same time as you are able to use your mind to connect with the Universal Self. People see yoga as being spiritual however it's not so in a religious way.

Although yoga in itself isn't a religion, there are strong links to Buddhism. It predates the religion by several centuries. There have been ancient gods been shown to practice yoga in seals. The seals were found in the Indus Valley which is beleived to be one of the civilizations ever to be started. What we call India and Pakistan is what used to be this area. The seals suggest that yoga was around before 3000 BC.

Meditation is a necessity of yoga. To really get all you can out of the exercises, you need to quiet your mind and focus on having your body, spirit and mind becoming one. As with anything in life, you are able to benefit from yoga a lot more if you are a dedicated student. So make sure you don't slack, the results will sow themselves off.

Much of yoga was taken from ancient tests called Hatha (the physical body). There were many philosophers that enjoyed the activity and a variety of styles you could choose. Although yoga is practiced for practical purposes, those who suffer the stresses of modern living can really benefit. Yoga can be done by anyone. You can sit in a chair or on the floor. Chances are you have stiff muscles and stress so you really need to get into yoga as soon as possible.